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HTC Signs Exclusive Nexus Deal for 3 Years?

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday March 09, 2016.

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HTC is fighting to keep itself relevant, and much will depend on the company's upcoming One M10 flagship and whether the Vive VR headset can convert its buzz into sales. Another way would be for the company to cozy up to Google and the Android platform even more, which could actually be in the offing as reports suggest HTC has signed a three year deal to build Nexus hardware.

Nexus is of course Google's own hardware brand, where it collaborates with major Android OEM's to deliver stock Android packing smartphones and tablets. HTC is no stranger to the Nexus brand, with the company building the Nexus 9 tablet with Google two years ago, incidentally still one of the best Android slates you can buy.

HTC building three years of devices could give it some traction back, even if Nexus smartphones are not traditionally big sellers. The exclusive deal will also mean the company will be the only Nexus option in town and also the first manufacturer to get new Android builds.

This year the Taiwanese company could make two handsets, a 5-inch affordable device to replace the LG Nexus 5X and a 5.5-inch flagship to replace the Huawei Nexus 6P. There have been rumors that Google is looking for Apple like control over its Nexus line, but so far the company has an almost 50/50 relationship with its partners.

Perhaps choosing struggling HTC will allow Google to dictate more, while taking full advantage of HTC's undoubted manufacturing prowess.

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